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Le Tahiti by Pearl Resorts features an on-site Activity Desk where you can arrange a wide variety of excursions that are fun for the whole family.

The Activity Desk is located in the main building and provides car rental assistance, ticket arrangements and advice on the best local attractions to see during your stay and the free excursions offered by the hotel.

Be sure to talk to our Activities Desk prior to your stay or when you get to the resort.


Explore the heart of Tahiti, visit the Mara'a caves, enjoy a quad ride, discover the sacred marae of Arahurahu, go on an adventure to the Tahiti Iti, visit the Lavatubes by rambling...

Discover the island of Tahiti through its unique circle road (114 km / 70 miles). On one hand, the east coast, wild, rocky, with its stunning black sand beaches and huge waves perfect for surfers; and on the other hand, the quiet west coast with its peaceful lagoons.

The East Coast:
- The Venus point with its majestic Lighthouse and the history of Captain Cook
- The spectacular Vaimahuta Waterfalls in the Te Faarumai valley
- The Arahoho Blowhole

The West Coast:
-  With its calm and tranquil lagoons
- And its white sand beaches protected by coral reefs
- The Vaipahi Garden, built on top of a Marae (ancient temple)
- The Fern Caves of Mara'a in Paea which contain a small freshwater lake inhabited by some sacred eels
- The sacred Marae Arahurahu, one of the biggest open air temple of French Polynesia

Our experienced guides will delight you with their professionalism and their knowledge of our History.

Le Tahiti by Pearl Resorts