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About Tahiti

A check-list of the must-do things while in Tahiti

Exploring the tropical delights of Tahiti at your own pace and with ease is via our Activity Desk is to all, couples, friends and families. This short guide will give you a perspective of what those with local knowledge do when visiting the stunning island of Tahiti. We encourage you to fit them into your own plans as you won’t be disappointed! Bon voyage!

Discover the majestic island of Tahiti...

1. James Norman Hall’s House

Less than 2 km or 1.24 miles from the hotel, this gem of Pacific history celebrates the life of the colourful character, James Norman Hall. A famous American writer, adventurer, soldier, pilot and poet, he is best known for co-penning “The Mutiny on the Bounty”. Hall lived in the colonial homestead situated near the edge of Matavai Bay from 1920 until his death in 1951. Inside, it is a treasure trove of original artefacts. Highlights include Hall’s typewriter, desk and hundreds of photos and mementos. The home is set in a delightful tropical garden, resplendent with a breadfruit tree – the initiator of the bounty saga!

2. The Valley of Papenoo
The Valley of Papenoo is one of the widest in Tahiti. At just 15 minutes in 4WD from the coastal road, this valley offers a great walk through luxurious landscapes punctuated with gorgeous waterfalls. Papenoo’s hike brings you to the heart of Tahiti’s Island, to an ancient volcano’s caldera. And located further East are Tahiti's famous "lavatubes" (grottos shaped by lava), in the little township of Hitiaa.

3. Matavai Bay Lookout
At just over 20 minutes walk up the hill from the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort you will find the impressive lookout over Matavai Bay. Moorea is also in view. This historic bay is rich in Tahitian and European history. Visitors who dropped anchor here include James Cook, Bligh, Wallis, Vancouver ,Bougainville and Charles Darwin.

4. Venus Point
Venus Point is a black sand spit jutting into Matavai Bay.  It is a favoured picnic spot for locals as the water is clear and warm, and the beach usually sheltered and calm. Occasionally it will offer small long breaking waves which are great for body boarding.

5.The Papeete Market
This is a must see. The lively and colourful market opens early and is filled with a wide range of local produce and seafood. Visitors enjoy the local flavour, and it is a good place for crafts and souvenirs. The Maeva Café, just up the escalator, is a great spot for a casual lunch or coffee.

6. Polynesian dance show
Banished in the past by missionaries, dance is nowadays more than ever an integral element of Polynesian culture. The Heiva I Tahiti, organized in July, is the occasion to watch the performances of the greatest dance schools and groups of the archipelago.

Le Tahiti by Pearl Resorts offers regularly Marquisian and Tahitian themed evenings with exceptional dance shows.

7. Self-guided tour of Papeete
A free shuttle from the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort will drop you in town next to the Tahiti Tourism office where you can pick up a map that has all the landmarks outlined. Wander in the city of Papeete and discover the Tahitian capital city’s historic monuments: the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, the Papeete Town Hall, Gaugin’s Banyan Tree and the German raiding ship Seeadler Cannon. Rest in the charming Paofai Park, located on the downtown waterfront, and then explore local shops of Polynesian pearls jewelers and artisans.

8. Museum of Tahiti and her islands
Located in Punaauia, west of Papeete, the Museum of Tahiti is set bay-side and in a 3 hectare park. The Museum features an interesting array of geological and anthropological exhibits showcasing the volcanic origins of the Islands of Tahiti, and the evolution of its peoples. Included are historical artefacts and displays tracing the pre-European lifestyle of the Tahitians, and the contrasts with colonial history.

9. Faarumai waterfalls and Teruaporea blowhole
At 15 minutes by car from the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort, the site of Faarumai’s three waterfalls, in Tiarei, is a well known touristic place which attracts hikers who appreciate this beautiful walk shaded by a luxurious flora. Not far from there, you may stop at Arahoho where is located the famous Teruaporea blowhole.

10. The island tour
With a guide or by renting a car, discover Tahiti’s majestic landscapes and their secrets through its unique circle road. On one hand, the east coast, wild with its stunning black sand beaches and huge waves; and on the other hand, the quiet west coast with its peaceful lagoons. The island tour is a must do to admire the beauty of the Polynesian Queen Island in all its angles.