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Let's host memorable events in Tahiti! Make your upcoming event one to remember by hosting it in the lush, tropical atmosphere of the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort in Tahiti. Featuring six elegant, versatile meeting rooms with stunning island views, the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort is perfectly suited for meetings, weddings, business gatherings or social events. Take your gathering to a whole new level by taking advantage of the resort's state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions, refreshing scenery and warm Polynesian hospitality.

Le Tahiti by Pearl Resorts features the following meeting rooms:
- Ballroom : Endeavour I & II
- Conference Room : Capt. Louis-Antoine Bougainville
- Meeting Rooms : Capt. Samuel Wallis and Capt. James Cook Rooms
- James Norman Hall Lounge (up to 30 people)
- Lafayette Bar (up to 250 people) for private cocktails
- The gardens
- The pool Deck

Meeting rooms feature:
- Air conditioner
- DVD player
- High-speed Internet access
- LCD projector
- Microphone

For more information about planning gatherings at our resort, contact the Conference & Event Manager at or call +689 40 48 88 05.

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For the conditions to prepare your stay in French Polynesia, please visit Tahiti Tourism website.
Le Tahiti by Pearl Resorts is not a hotel dedicated to quarantine stays.