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Tāvai Spa

Inspired by traditional beauty secret, discover a range of treatments and products unique in Tahiti. Discover Monoï beauty oil while receiving a massage, mineralize yourself with our Black sand body scrub, or enjoy the benefit of a fresh papaya pulp facial.... In each of our treatments find the exotic, well-being and refinement. 

This luxury Spa in Tahiti offers the following facilities and service:
* Massage and treatments
* Bath for two
* Massage for two
* Vichy shower for two
* Fitness center with ocean view open 24h/24h
* Sauna
* Steam Room

Located in the main building of the hotel above the shop to level 3
Open everyday - 10:00am to 6:00pm (reservation strongly recommended)
Contact: // +689 40 488 821


Please note that prices are subject to changes without notice.

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