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Spa Monthly Sales: ’Tipanie Nui'

Discover the promotional ritual of the month "TIPANIE NUI"! 2 hours of deliciously floral escape with notes of Frangipani, Neroli, Yuzu and Vetiver... Take advantage of an exceptional discount on the 2nd treatment for any duo treatment. Bon voyage...

Discover how the 2-hour ritual unfolds:

* Sauna or steam room (30 min)
Start your relaxation with a sauna or hammam session.

* Body scrub (30 min)
A scrub that combines the softness of argan oil with the delicate notes of Frangipani.

* Face and body massage (1h)
An exclusive Monoï for optimum hydration with subtle, delicately flowery scents blending the fragrances of Frangipani, Yuzu of Vetiver and Neroli

Price :
22,000 xpf for 1 person
35,000 xpf for a duo (2 people)

Extend your 30-minute relaxation with a relaxing coconut milk bath.
+ 3000 xpf per person

Phone: +689 40 488 821
Spa Monthly Sales: ’Tipanie Nui'
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