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Spa Monthly Sales: Lychee & Orange fragrances

Discover 'le spa' new skincare ritual  "Lychees zests"! 2 hours of relaxation: with the tropical association of Lychees fragrances and Essential oil of bitter Oranges.

Enjoy a 50% OFF on the 2nd treatment for each duo reserved.

Discover below the details of those 2 hours:

* Sauna (30min)
Start relaxing with a sauna session

* Body scrub (30min)
Blend of brown sugar and spices, with lychee fragrance and essential oil of bitter orange.

* Full body massage (1h)
Exclusive monoï and moisturizing face cream with our skincare ritual scents.

20 000 Cfp for 1 person
30 000 Cfp in duo (2 persons)

Enjoy the deluxe version with a 30-min milky perfumed bath
+ 2000 Cfp per person

Phone: +689 40 488 821
Spa Monthly Sales: Lychee & Orange fragrances
Le Tahiti by Pearl Resorts

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